Ilja Kleiner

(Birn 1938, Moskow. Lives and works in Potsdam, Germany)

The artist, the sculptor of monuments, the painter, the graphic artist, a member of the International union of artists at UNESCO, the author and the executor of mosaic panels in Olympic pool (Moscow), stained-glass windows in Institute of oceanology (Moscow), mosaics on walls of library of the Medical Institute in Тroparevo (Moscow), the Roman mosaic "Running" on elevation of Sports club "Trud" building (Tashkent), mosaics in the International trade centre (Moscow), a mosaic in entrance halls of the underground stations "1905th year" and "Sviblovo" (Moscow), mosaics at Moscow restaurants "Aragvi" and "Leningrad", wall-paintings in the city Toropets, mosaic portraits "Heroes of the war of 1812", "Decembrists", the Florentine mosaic "Christopher Columbus" and also frescos and mosaics in the cities of Dzerzhinsks, Sofrino, Pushkino the Moscow district, and in the city Adler.

Ilja Kleiner - the author of the project of a synagogue in Potsdam.

Ilja Kleiner is the original painter. In painting he considers as his teacher Mark Chagall.

In the summer of 1973 during the stay in Moscow Mark Chagall stayed then in Russia, has become interested in Kleiner's works and has visited his workKIOSK. Mark Chagall has presented Ilja Kleiner the picture "Circus".

Ilja Kleiner drew always, but since 1973 drawing and painting are his main genres.

Ilja Kleiner's picturesque palette is juicy and bright, his drawing is expressive and ironic. His psychological portraits are deep and exact, genre works are dynamical and plastic, his landscapes and still-lives are lyrical and delicate. Ilja Kleiner paints in oils, a water color, gouache, distemper, acryl, in the mixed technique, but his favorite material is pastel.

Ilja Kleiner's picturesque and graphic works were shown in many cities of Russia, Israel and Germany. His pictures are available in collections of Andrei Voznesensky (Moscow), Yury Levitansky (Moscow), Edward Shevardnadze (Tbilisi), and Boris Moiseev (Moscow).

Ilja Kleiner is the author of art criticism articles: "Ugly, as an aesthetic category" (1994), "Paul Filonov's World" (1995), "Aesthetic ideal of Renaissance" (1996), "Goya, Salvador Dali, and Kazimir Malevich's ”Black square”" (1997).

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