Reliefs by avant-gardist Vasyl Yermilov

Reliefs by avant-gardist Vasyl Yermilov

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Vasyl Yermilov Relief "Civil war"

1. Relief "Civil war"

Composition on a cover of a box
from live cartridges.

Wood, Metal, 88 X 33.5 cm, ≈1922



Vasyl Yermilov Relief "Day of art"

2. Relief "Day of art"

Wood, Metal, Other materials, 45.5 X 66 cm, 20th of the XX century


Vasyl Yermilov Relief "Gramophone. The Argentina tango"

3. Relief "Gramophone. The Argentina tango"

Wood, Metal, Other materials, 45.5 X 61 cm, 20th of the XX century


Vasyl Yermilov Relief "M"

4. Relief "M"

Wood, Metal, Collage, 65.5 X 56.5 cm, 20th of the XX century


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