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Web-Gallery calls to your attention the paintings of Russian and international artists of XIX, XX and XXI centuries. The gallery presents various schools and directions of Russian paintings (a realism of XIX-XX centuries, a socialist realism, avant-gardism, modern avant-gardism, modern painting and graphics), and the paintings of international artists of XIX-XX centuries too.


Old Russian masters

Russian avant-gardism

Russian modern art

International art

The exposition of Gallery is divided into pages by a thematic principle, personal pages are given to a number of masters also. It is is convenient to start acquaintance with our gallery with a survey of thematic sections.

On the pages of Web-Gallery you can acquaint with a painting by outstanding Russian artist N. Dubovskoi, with gouaches by M. Akselrod (the colleague and friend of Mark Chagall participated together with him in 1916 - 1920 in six exhibitions together with V. Favorsky, K. Korovin and other Russian avant-gardists). Collection of Web-Gallery has at its disposal the paintings by artists-peredvizhniks A. Korzukhin, M. Boskin , a painting by "The Amazon of Russian avant guarde" Varvara Stepanova, the works by the Lenin Prize laureate I. Razdrogin, a painting by the Honoured artist of Russia M. Tkachev, reliefs by the one of leading masters of the Ukrainian avant guarde of first half 20 century V. Yermilov. In Web-Gallery there are widely presented the works by artists of Russian avant-guarde of 70 - 80th years Sima Ostrovsky (group "Alef"), and T. Kazakova (group "Artists of Nevsky"), and also by A. ZaslavskyA. Zaslavsky, A. Belkin, I. Tihomirova, and E. Esaulenko. The exposition of Web-Gallery has at its disposal the works by nowadays popular in the United States M. Klionsky, and also with graphic works by G.A.V. Traugot, and many other modern St Petersburg artists.

The most part of these art works can be purchased on agreed prices. It is enough to contact us.

For lower prices it is possible to get some works in the Kiosk for urgent sale.

Welcome to our gallery!


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