In a kiosk you can get inexpensive souvenir works of the artists presented in the Gallery, executed specially for inexpensive souvenir sale, and also some works of Ostrovsky, Akselrod and G.A.V. Traugot and other artists, offered at the price of below 50 % of estimated cost of Gallery. The Gallery offers author's copies of some works with mark AC. It is possible to order an author's copy of works of Paimanov and Kazakova with the autograph of the author, and also lithograph from any work of G.A.V. Traugot with Valery Traugot's autograph in the Gallery.

Paintings are sent without frames. At the order in cost 100 and above the Gallery assumes the postage.

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3 paintings by Eugraph Paimanov

4 paintings by A. Petrenko

Painting by Misha Driomov "Oriental bazar"

Landscape by V. Mironenko

Painting by Ilja Kleiner "Irina"

2 pictures by the European artists

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